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    1. 美國研究:養殖場大腸桿菌可經空氣污染周邊作物





        該研究由美國農業部肉用動物研究中心Elaine D. Berry及其同事花費兩年時間完成。






      According to foreign media reports, a us study published in the journal of applied and environmental microbiology shows that e. coli in farms can spread by air and contaminate surrounding crops.
      The study was conducted over two years by Elaine d. Berry and her colleagues at the U.S. department of agriculture's meat animal research center.
      Research has shown that vegetables around cattle farms are contaminated with e. coli from cattle farms, and the farther away they are, the less contaminated they are.
      The study found that an average of 3.5 per cent of green leafy vegetables 60 metres from cattle farms were contaminated with e. coli, and 1.8 per cent of vegetables 180 metres away were contaminated with e. coli.
      The study also found that the highest levels of contamination occurred in August and September, when rainfall was low and temperatures were high, making e. coli more likely to spread.