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    1. 科學家稱飲用水添加氟化物或致抑郁并增體重














      Foreign media, according to a survey of the UK 98% of clinic found that British residents drinking water fluoride content in an area with the highest, the incidence of hypothyroidism (hereinafter referred to as JiaJian) 30% higher than in other regions.
      According to the British "daily telegraph" website reported on February 23, recently, the scientists say that fluoride may trigger depression and increase in weight, and warned that Britain's related departments should stop to moth-proofing teeth add fluoride in drinking water.
      Adding fluoride to drinking water is a "safe and effective" way to improve oral health, according to a report published last year by England's public health service.
      However, new research from the university of Kent shows that in areas with high levels of fluoride in drinking water, such as west midlands and the North-East of the UK, the incidence of hypothyroidism has soared.
      Lead author professor Stephen pecam, of the university of Kent's centre for health research, said: "hypothyroidism is a fairly unpleasant disease that can cause other long-term health problems. I really think the authorities should reconsider adding fluoride to drinking water. Other ways to improve oral health are much safer.
      About 10 per cent of the population lives in areas where drinking water is naturally or artificially fluoridated, with up to one milligram of fluoride per litre.
      Fluoride improves the antibacterial ability of tooth enamel to prevent cavities. Previous studies have shown that fluoride inhibits the production of iodine, a key ingredient in keeping the thyroid healthy.
      The thyroid regulates the body's metabolism and many other bodily functions. Hypothyroidism can trigger depression, leading to weight gain, fatigue and muscle pain.