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    1. 日本開發農殘自動分析儀 50分鐘完成檢測












      Miyazaki prefecture comprehensive agriculture proving ground, according to Japanese media, shimadzu, Osaka university, research and development team, composed of kobe university developed in a short period of time automatic device for the analysis of residual pesticides in crop composition.
      The analysis, which used to take nearly a week, now takes only 50 minutes. Miyazaki prefecture will use the device for analysis starting in late march.
      According to miyazaki prefecture, there are about 400 pesticides used in Japan and 800 in the world. Previous testing methods for various ingredients varied and extraction with organic solvents took time.
      The research team used "supercritical fluid" under high temperature, high 圧 has both liquid and gas features, properties, with high extraction ability using co2 supercritical fluid, such as eliminating the extract relevant pretreatment process. An automatic detection system was established for extracting and analyzing 500 components simultaneously.
      The amount of organic solvents used in the device can be reduced to one tenth of the past. It can also cut off the contact between samples and air and can be used for the detection of components that are difficult to detect due to oxidation decomposition.