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    1. 減少PDA斜面培養基冷凝水的辦法有哪些?





      There is a great relationship between the temperature of the PDA slope medium and condensed water. Gaseous water (water vapor) encounters cold air, the dew point will be reached into liquid water process, the lower the temperature condensation is faster, the more condensate. In this way, we can prevent and reduce the condensation of PDA inclined media.
      Methods: the temperature difference between inside and outside of the test tube was reduced.
      First, the time to dry the cotton plug is appropriately increased: in the case of not affecting the inclined plane, the time of drying the cotton plug is increased, the temperature of the test tube is lowered and the temperature difference between the inside of the test tube and the outside of the test tube is reduced.
      Second, increase the room temperature. It also reduces the difference in temperature between inside and outside of test tube.
      Third, when the inclined plane is placed, the test tube is stacked up to be trapezoid and finally covered with clean gauze for thermal insulation.
      Finally, it is impossible to avoid the existence of the temperature difference completely when the PDA slope culture medium is made, and it is impossible to avoid the production of condensate completely. We can only minimize the production of condensate water in the PDA slope culture medium.